Boarding Care

Pet Vacation is a unique, cage free boarding facility for dogs that is designed to meet the physical and social needs of your pet. Insulated, heating, air conditioned, comfortable homes are equipped with couches, chairs, low lighting, television and music. Pools are available in summer for maximum comfort. Each room in the house is equipped with a doggie door so that boarders can come and go freely within the expansive fenced area. Training, assistance and individual care are provided for dogs not familiar with these doors.

Because dogs are most content while in the company of other dogs, boarders are housed together and free to romp together unless aggression prohibits contact.

The safety and security of your dog is our greatest concern. Great care has been taken to provide the safest, most secure boarding environment possible.

a dog and a cat sitting by each other
a dog and a cat sitting by each other
Two dogs sitting on a chair with a blanket
Two Boxers sleeping on a couch together

In-Home Care

Pet Vacation in home care is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the family pet owner by providing care for the pet in their own home. For some pets, the security and familiarity of the home environment lessens the stress that they may experience upon separation from their family. Other pets are simply not suitable for a boarding facility.

Daily feeding, bathroom and exercise routines are strictly followed. Great care is taken to provide adequate attention and companionship for the pet during the owners absence.

Pet Vacation will water plants, take in the mail and newspapers and keep a general watch of the home as part of the daily service.

Pet Vacation will provide a free assessment and estimate to the owner prior to the provision of service and will work with you to develop a comprehensive, affordable care plan for your pet.